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Highest quality, traditional recipes, ingredients only from certified farms and a unique taste – this, in a nutshell, is how we can describe the cheese from the Old Dairy in the Kashubian region of Poland.

In this region, which is among the cleanest areas of Poland – where the Slupski Forrest touches the valley of the river Slupia – there is the Old Dairy, established in the 20s of the 20th century. It manufactures cheese, which is much appreciated across the country and abroad, ecological and regional products, which enrapture with their unmatched taste. We make it for our children – because we don't want them to eat industrially manufactured products.

Achieving the right quality and perfecting the recipes, which allowed us to make the cheese based only on natural ingredients: milk and cultures of dairy bacteria, with no artificial additives, took us a few years – Zbigniew Waz says proudly.

Today, the cheese from the Old Dairy is available in stores nationwide as well as online. Thanks to your engagement in the crowdfunding campaign our distribution network will grow and we will expand the Dairy to consequently broaden our product offer and increase the value of your shares!


Most importantly, you become the shareholder of the Old Dairy – a uniquely traditional manufacturer of food, including a modernized Dairy in the Kashubian region, in Zielino near Trzebielino. You join an elite group of elite shareholders, co-owners of our Dairy. In Poland it is a real rare opportunity, because, even though domestic milk companies are true giants, none of them are listed in the Stock Exchange. In addition, you will enjoy a range of other benefits.

from 1 share From 1 share

General assembly of shareholders

As a co-owner of the Old Dairy you will receive invitations to annual general assembly. This will be the most delicious general assembly in the country!

from 25 shares From 25 shares

Tasting of our cheese

Invitation for a tasting event, which will take place between April and May in Warsaw. You will have the unique opportunity to try our cheese, in which the taste of a Kashubian meadow is enchanted. And cheese tastes best with wine …

You will also receive an invitation to the General Assembly of Shareholders.

from 50 shares From 50 shares

Easter cheese package

Prepared especially for you, a package of a selection of 5 of our products: e.g. Jantor, Radomir, Stolem, Dzewus, Kaszubski Chłop.

You will also receive the elements of previously listed benefits.

from 200 shares From 200 shares

Cheese serving board

You will receive a personalized board to serve cheese with a logotype of the Old Dairy. The board is not only a great looking product useful in every kitchen, but also a good way to boast the fact that you own shares in the Old Dairy.

You will also receive the elements of previously listed benefits.

from 500 shares From 500 shares

Invitation to The Old Diary

You will receive an invitation to visit the Old Dairy in Zielino. For one day you will be able to accompany one of our cheesemakers – learn about the secrets of cheese making, see how the Dairy works, take a look a tour cheese maturing facilities and find out why our products are so unique.*

You will also receive the elements of previously listed benefits.

*The visit to the Dairy requires certain formalities to be completed by each visitor – before visiting the site you have to obtain medical certification.

Our products

We make our products with consideration for the health of our children.

Cheese from the Kashubian Old Dairy is made only with traditional methods. They obtain their unique taste during a process of maturing and care in 100-year-old underground maturing halls, equipped with modern temperature and humidity monitoring technology. The Old Dairy makes its products according to old secrets of the trade – instead of full automation we Focus on hiring master cheesemakers.

Ecological cheese

Kaszubski chłop (Kashubian peasant)

The taste of this cheese depends on the duration of the maturing process – the longer the process, the spicier the cheese. Then, it matures for four months, which gives it its unique taste. The "Kashubian Peasant" pairs well with dry, well-defined, but not to heavy wines. This pair is sure to bring exceptional tasting experiences.

Kaszubski chłopczyk (Kashubian boy)

Creamy aging cheese distinguishable by its delicate taste. Beer enthusiasts should like it, as it matches perfectly with dark beer.


Intense in taste, aging semi-hard rennet cheese with typical holes. The name comes from a iron chancellor of Germany, who married into a Kashubian Puttkamer family in the country where the Old Dairy lies.


The perfected aging process of the Gouda cheese ensures its well-defined aroma and taste, so typical for this kind of cheese.


Another one of our exceptional products. It is a rennet cheese which matured for two months.


This cheese is one of the most sought after products that we put on shelves. As all of our products, which one is also offered in eco version.

Regional cheese

Different kinds of high quality cheese made from Kashubian milk, according to regional recipes. Conventional, produced only from natural ingredients. The Regional Kashubian Special line includes aged and long aged rennet cheese:

Kaszëbsczi Stolëm
(Kaszubski Olbrzym - Kashubian giant)

The taste of this cheese depends on the duration of the aging process, the longer the process the mores spicy the cheese. Our product is a perfect match for well-defined dry wines, but not too heavy. This pair guarantees exquisite tasting experience.

Kaszëbsczi Jantôr
(Kaszubski Bursztyn - Kashubian Amber)

Kashubian Jantor is a hard rennet cheese formed in the shape of a cylinder. It is made with traditional methods of pasteurising cow milk. Throughout the duration of the maturing process the cheese is nurtured to dry skin and before sending out it is cased in wax. Taste of this cheese differs depending on how mature it has become.

Kaszëbsczi Kaduk
(Kaszubski Kaduk - Kashubian Kaduk)

Kachubian Kaduk matures from 12 to 16 weeks in traditional damp basements of the aging hall. In its taste you will find sweetness of nuts and the aroma of dried hay. The aroma includes a definite but not dominating scent of yeast. It differs depending on how mature it has become.

Kaszëbsczi Dzewùs
(Kaszubska Dziewczynka - Kashubian Girl)

This is a rennet salad. Flesh of this chees is soft and uniform, witch a separate rough, not so soft and a bit salty skin.


The cheese making traditions of Zieliono reach the two-decade interwar period of the 20th century. Despite of the harsh experiences of the 20th century the dairy industry in Zielino survived. The Old Dairy inherited those cheese making traditions, and using the modernised factory it also takes advantage of generations worth of traditions.

  • 1928

    First mentions of a large farm in Sellin (currently Zielin) originate in 1928. According to sources this is when the Dairy was founded to make mostly aging cheese from the milk produced by animals on the farm. That's when the basements, where the cheese is still aged today, were constructed.

  • 1930

    The Dairy and the farm changes ownership.

  • 1944

    Due to the frontline moving at the end of the WW2, production is halted.

  • After WW2

    The Dairy is transformed into a remote division of the County Dairy Cooperative in Miastko.

  • The County Dairy Cooperative in Miastko sells the Dairy to its employees.

  • 2007

    The Old Dairy is granted an ECO cheese production certificate.

  • 2013

    In 2013 Zbigniew Waz became the owner of the Dairy and decided to continue traditional production of healthy natural cheese, with no artificial additives. After a few months Old Dairy products reached the shelves of many major Polish stores.

  • 2016

    The work on exceptional regional recipes continued.

    A contract was signed with key partners in the form of networks of large supermarkets and the largest distributor of ecological cheese in Poland.

  • 2017

    The Old Dairy is audited to become the supplier for the largest private retail network in Poland.

We managed to build an exceptional team of people, who love their work. We spent several years together perfecting the uncompromised quality of our products, which we have eventually achieved. I am absolutely certain, that this will quickly transform into a community of people, who will gather around our products and our philosophy, and also translate into profits for our investors.

- says Zbigniew Waz, Chairman of the Old Dairy.


The Old Dairy's philosophy is to support ecological way of life, by providing the market with unique, full-valued and low-processed products – including certified ecological products, made with respect for the natural environment at each stage of production. The company's goal is to become the most innovative food environmentally friendly food manufacturer.

The Old Dairy, although maintaining its long-lasting tradition based on old recipes, already uses facilities which allow it to combine tradition and innovation in harmony.

For example, in 2016 we have begun implementation and IoT system, which is to improve the temperature and humidity monitoring in the rooms where our cheese is stored. With the use of sensors, the system checks temperature in each room, and in case of any deviation from the selected range it sends notifications to the person responsibility. The project will be developed further, among others, to optimise energy consumption by cooling devices and include manufacturing equipment in the monitoring process.

Thanks to those efforts Old Dairy products are available both in national retail networks and online. In the coming months we are launching our own online store, which will allow people all over the country to enjoy Old Dairy cheese.

The company presents the cheese with pride during fairs and events which promote regional bio products. During last year's 7th European Regional Product Fair in Zakopane, in the category of "Regional products made of animal origin" won second prize for “Kashubian Cheese” – the highest ranking cheese made from cow's milk.


The Polish dairy market has been growing consistently for years. In the last two decades export of cheese has doubled and production of milk and products made of milk increased significantly. We believe that this advantageous situation combined with the growing popularity of environmentally friendly food put the Old Dairy at a very good position for future development.

Although per capita milk consumption in Poland is decreasing the dairy industry is not slowing down – in the last two decades milk production grew steadily, at a rather low rate. The reason behind this is the growing market for Polish products made from milk, such as different kinds of cheese and butter. The fact that Polish farms decide to export their products to international markets more often i also crucial.

Here at the Old Dairy we carefully select our ingredients to make the cheese – we cooperate only with certified Kashubian farms, which deliver highest quality milk. This way we make sure that from the very beginning of the process the product is always made to highest standards with respect for the natural environment.

Source: Agricultural Year Book 2016

Source: Environmentally friendly food in Poland 2017, IMAS International Sp. z o.o.

In the recent years social awareness of the subject of healthy diet grew. The Poles more and more often select natural, non-processed products with no additives or enhancers, which boast a rich taste thanks to traditional methods of production.

This is reflected in the increased value of the ecological food market. In 2010 the ECO food market was valued at PLN 300-350M, while in 2017 the estimated value of the market reached PLN 700M. The estimated global value of this market is already reaching the level of $82B and it is one of the few industries which grow every year.

The boom in the ECO industry resulted in the growing number of companies dealing with ecological production and processing. Between 2004 and 2015 the number of ecological processing companies increased by the factor of ten!

The role of Poland as exported in the market for dairy products is strengthening. Export of cheese between 2005 and 2015 grew twice and exceeded 220 thousand tons in 2015.

For the Old Dairy exporting our goods is significant element of our strategy for development, which puts us in an advantageous position of a significant player in a dynamically growing industry.

We believe that we can use this Chance and that the Old Dairy will succeed in international markets. The race for the ecological food market is just beginning, and we have taken our starting blocks. With your help we can increase the pace of our development!

Source: Agricultural Year Book 2016

Investment goals

The funds gathered through this open offering campaign will be invested in increasing the scale of production.

Purchasing cheesemaking moulds

Modern cheese making moulds include e.g. mikroperforation, which allow for draining whey with the use of micro-channels. This technology, which was not available until recently, allows for making cheese without the use of traditional mould and sheets used to press the cheese.

This will allow for maximum hygiene, and a better quality of the finished product.

Modification of cheesemaking and aging facilities

Due to increased sales of the cheese made at the Old Dairy we need to adapt new spaces for brine and aging.

Purchasing traditional wooden shelving units will allow us to increase the amount of cheese aging at the same time.

Sales development

The Old Dairy delivers its products to anyone who values healthy eating, regardless of where they shop. In our offer we have not only certified ecological cheese, but also regular cheese made with traditional methods.
Our Products are already available in large retail markets. You can find them in the ecological food sections, next to craft and dairy products. This way we are able to reach those customers who buy healthy products daily as a full-valued additive to their diet.
Aside from large area retail stores Old Dairy cheese is also available in smaller shops dedicated to eco food. We intend to keep this trend up and increase the number of stores in which we can buy our cheese. Cheese from Zielino is already the #1 cheese at the dairy section of Bio Planet stores.

Let's meet

Zbigniew Waz


He sets the course for development of the dairy and makes sure the plan is carried out.

He has extensive experience gained from working in the financial sector. For 8 years he worked for an international Corporation originating in Switzerland – initially as a Training and Development Manager, then as head of Training and Development, where he was responsible for knowledge transfer within the organization and implementation of new financial products and methodologies which increased sales. For the past 12 years he has been an entrepreneur.

For the last decade he has been connected to the dairy market. Initially dealing with consolidation of small dairy farms in order to supply large area retail stores. In 2013 he became the owner of the Old Dairy. A fan of the cheese making craft, agile methodologies of management and CNC.

Tomasz Soroka


Entrepreneur for the past 11 years. He oversees the activity of the Dairy from the investors’ standpoint and he is engaged in strategic planning.

He has many years of experience in cooperating with start-ups working in the tech industry. He develops business and software projects.

He approaches each new projects individually. With the Old Dairy he shares a fresh look at the Dairy industry, which allows this traditional business, which cheese making is, to match start-ups in terms of their business models and innovativeness.

Beata Lipka


She oversees production and controls quality at every stage.

Daniel Welzandt


Responsible for maintaining production including supply and deliveries.

Arkadiusz Lipka


He is responsible for processing milk until it becomes a ready product.

Sabina Janusiewcz


She examines mild and performs interoperational control.

Teresa Sicińska


She makes exceptional butter from sour cream, and supports the team in their everyday work.

Lucjan Szyszko


He accepts deliveries of milk and prepares it before it is sent to processing.

Bożena Welzandt


She nurtures the cheese and makes sure it reaches the store shelves when it is ready for consumption.

Stanisława Dadacz


He is responsible for portioning of the cheese and preparing it for delivery along with the team.

Edyta Knyt


Oversees processes related to HR and bookkeeping.

Jola Marchewka


Organizes operations of the office, gathers documentation and makes sure our clients are happy.


Ecological production is a system of managing a dairy or farm in such a way, so that the process of production is carried out with consideration of the natural environment and biodiversity. It includes a high standard of living for the animals and manufacturing with the use of natural, traditional methods.

Ecological food is the kind of food which is made without the use of chemicals for protecting plants or fertilizers, basing only on the natural richness of soil. Animals from ecological farms grow in healthy conditions and are fed ecological food. The process of production does not require the use of aromas, colouring agents or enhancers or GMO products.

Each farm or dairy interested in obtaining an ecological production certificate must fulfil strict norms defined by EU regulations.

Maturing cheese after being formed into wheels are then carried into an aging hall, where depending on the type of cheese they age for as long as 2-3 years. Thanks to this process they obtain a unique taste and aroma. Depending on the type of cheese and duration of the aging process it may obtain a full spectrum of tastes – from delicate and creamy to intense and spicy. Aroma of the cheese often includes the scent of nuts or yeast. The cheese made at the Old Dairy does not include any artificial additives – the only ingredients used in the process of production is milk and dairy bacteria.

Craft goods, are made with the use of human hands as opposed to fully automated processes, with great care into each stage of the process. They are characterised by the use of high quality ingredients and technological processes, which are rarely seen in mass production due to the fact that they are time and labour intensive.

The craft model works well in the beer industry. Craft dinks, although priced higher, are increasingly popular. At the beginning they were available only at specialized stores and some venues, but today they can be found in large retail stores and in nearly every pub. We believe that selecting products made by hand is a broader trend and does not only work in the market for beverages – similar tendencies can be notices in the entire food industry, but also in other trades. Combined with an increased popularity of BIO and ECO products it creates an interesting niche in the market, which the Old Dairy intends to fill.

The cheese made at the Old Dairy is signed with the Ser Farm logo. They can be bought in supermarkets and internet stores, including,, and

One of our goals is to build a community of people around the process of manufacturing high quality ecological cheese and looking more broadly, the dairy industry. We believe, that every shareholder becomes an ambassador of our brand and promotes it in the Polish market, which translates into the growth of our company.

A share is a security which combines proprietary and non-proprietary rights resulting from becoming a shareholder in a publically listed company.

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Obtaining shares is not related to any obligations. Once a year you will receive an invitation to the General Assembly of Shareholders, where your presence is not mandatory.

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